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The sequel to the original game, Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is planned to be operated in parallel until further announcement.

  • Title: Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond
  • Release Date: Scheduled for Summer 2024
  • Development and Operation: Cygames, Inc.
  • Genre: Competitive online collectible card game
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, PC
  • Official Site: https://shadowverse-wb.com/en/
  • Official X Account: @shadowversegame (https://twitter.com/shadowversegame)
  • Price: Free to play (optional in-app purchases)
  • Languages: International language support planned

New Features

Super Evolution

Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond will be introducing a new mechanic called Super Evolution. Just like in the original game, a follower can be evolved starting on the second player's 4th turn by expending Evolution Points (EP). Super Evolution will be available at the start of the second player's 6th turn. Up to 2 remaining EP will be turned into SEP (super evolution points) that players can use to super-evolve a follower. To compensate, the number of EP a player will have is also increasing. The first player will have 3 EP, and the second player will have 4 EP.

Super-Evolve Abilities

These abilities will trigger when the follower in question super-evolves. They're powerful and have a lot of influence over the outcome of a battle. Also, if you super-evolve a follower that has both an evolve ability and a super-evolve ability, both abilities will activate simultaneously.


Several new abilities and rules will be added to battles and Engage is one of them. Engage is a mechanic that works with amulets. Once an amulet has been played, a player can press its Engage button at any time on their turn to activate that amulet's ability.


In Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, you build a deck by using cards of any given class along with Neutral cards, just like in the original game. Changes include the addition of the Abysscraft class, which combines the characteristics of and replaces Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft.

New Characters

Here are two characters that will be making their debut in the main story of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, alongside other new main characters.

Dreizehn (Portalcraft)
Lovesign (Forestcraft)

World Feature

In Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, players can have various real-time interactions in a virtual space connected with other players.

Players will appear in a 3D space and will be able to move around freely in-game using their own custom-made avatars. There are a wide variety of customizable avatars, and sets will be made available which will allow players to dress up with the costumes and hairstyles of popular characters.

This virtual lobby will allow players to compete with each other and will also be a space where events are held. Additionally, an exclusive area where guild members can gather together, as well as personal rooms that players can edit and invite their friends to, will also be implemented.

These worlds will also feature other games besides card battles. In addition to allowing players to play together in a variety of ways, we are also considering implementing a system that will allow players to obtain items and rewards that can be used in card battles.

Original Shadowverse

The current Shadowverse game will continue its service in parallel with Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond. Some things are expected to be carried over to the new game as a reward for playing the original version. Players will be able to link Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond to Shadowverse and earn in-game items based on their Shadowverse account. Doing so will also unlock the battle record function.


  • Grand Master card sleeves
  • In-game items based on rankings and tournament prizes
  • In-game items based on owned leaders
  • Battle record function for Shadowverse

In addition to the above, Cygames are planning to prepare other elements and rewards that can be earned through linking game data. More information to follow!